Mel Sembler and His Connections

In Institutional Child Abuse, Mel Sembler, politics, programs, Straight, Inc. on October 5, 2008 at 4:57 pm

I’m not sure if Mel Sembler (once known as “Buddy Sembler”) made his political connections prior to being involved with the program or during and because of his involvement in the Straight, Inc (& Seed, Inc. more on this program in a separate section. ) Program.  Regardless, he was sure to make many more significant connections, especially throughout the years he owned Straight, Inc.  He touted his program as nationally known and supported by “important people.”  I believe Mel Sembler suffers from megalomania.  I’m guessing it may because of his humble roots as the youngest child of Benny and Fannie Sembler, a Russian-Jewish couple that immigrated to Saint Joesph, Missouri in the late 1800’s. St. Joseph, MO, is where Melvin Floyd Sembler was born and raised.

Mel Sembler’s real business has involved commercial real estate.  This business was nice for the money, but the program did much more for him than commercial real estate could ever do. Not only could this business bring him in a ton of money and a great tax-shelter (one of many), but it also allowed him to believe that he was being altruistic and even better, gave him (or at least allowed him to stay in the good graces of..) some really great connections.

These connections included, but are not limited to: Former President Ronald Reagan, Former first lady Nancy Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Mrs. Barbara Bush, Current President George W. Bush, and his wife Laura Bush.

Mel likes to go around telling people that he is the one that got Nancy Reagan focused on the “Drug War” and he also gave her, her famous slogan, “Just say NO!”

I believe he has used his money and conenctions to advance his power in the USA, and therefore in the world. I will be posting more information and examples that I believe support this claim.

“So What?” you ask. Alot of people use their money and connections to gain influence and power.

My answer is that yes, this is true.  A lot of people do this very same thing. The difference with Sembler is the kind of influence and power I think he is interested in wielding over the United States and other parts of the world.  If it’s anything even remotely similar to the power he wielded in the Straight, Inc., program, we’re all headed down the road to living in a totalitarian world.  Think “the new and improved, more powerful Hitler.”

To this day Sembler makes sure to stay as involved as he possibly can hobknobbing with the rich and powerful, even though he and his wife Betty are getting on in years.

Here is the most recent overt example of this (and more to come later…)

Sembler in the “Social Life” section of the D.C. Examiner


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