In Institutional Child Abuse on October 6, 2008 at 1:12 pm

When using the phrase “Institutional child Abuse” we are referring to neglect and abuse that takes place within institutions that claim to help children in some type of residential setting. These places include corporations that operate as wilderness, survival, and/or outward bound programs; specialty boarding schools & academies; some call themselves hospitals; boot camps and/or military schools; drug treatment programs or any combination of the above. (They are also coming up with new category names every day.) Many state governments also operate similar programs and/or refer to the above programs.

Another abusive and neglectful arm of this industry is called “transport services” or “escort services” which refer to companies that offer the service of taking a child from their home to one of the programs.

There is another arm of the industry that is called “educational consultants.” These are folks who set up shop to help you find a programs that’s “just right for your child.”

Some of these programs not only operate “referral services,” “transporting services,” “programs,” “loan companies” and “billing & collection companies”, posing as separate companies, but in reality, the money is all being funneled to the place.

These same people have gotten together and created associations that “approve” programs.

In my opinion, this industry is filled with fraudulent and abusive practices, and the purpose of this blog is to post information I have found that has helped me to develop this opinion.

A One Size Fits All Therapy?

**Caveat Emptor** These services do not come cheaply. Many of the people of this industry claim to be the proverbial “jacks-of-all-trades.” Many companies cross-sell programs, usually starting off with a wilderness program as a “warm-up,” then advising that the child go to an indoor residential setting and eventually going to a residential after-care facility. I think many industry-associated people will do anything for a buck. In at least one case, and educational consultant actually accepted money to get a child back out of an abusive program, acting as a rescuer.

The more you find out, the more difficult it is to believe that this is allowed to go on in the USA and abroad.

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