Miller Newton a.k.a. “Dr. Newton”

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It’s Miller Time!!!

I’m going to go back to where my research first began. It began with info. about Miller Newton

I’ll never forget when I came upon Ginger’s AnonAnon Web Site. This was the first place where I was able to start reading articles about Miller Newton. The very articles we were banned from reading while in the program.  As I began to read I found myself becoming shockingly angry.  I was surprised because I hadn’t even realized the amount of anger I had suppressed about my experiences in the program.  This whole journey began with curiosity, but ended up with not only an understanding but also an anger and passion to pursue social justice, not just for those of us who went through this in the past, but the children and families who are still going through this today.

The AnonAnon Site has gone through extensive changes over the years, and I’m not even sure the news articles are still there, (there is still a lot of good information on there- be sure to visit the site some time) however, that was just the beginning of my search for more information.  Information was denied to me by the program from Saturday, May 29, 1982 – somewhere in 1985. Now I was starved to make up for what I missed.  My research took me from the early eights up through 2000, and then I began to delve into the past of Miller Newton to try to find out what made him into the person he became. For clarity purposes I will be putting this research on here in chronological order.


In the New York Times.  New York, N.Y.: Feb 2, 1957.  pg. 35, 1 pg, I found an article called “Crash Kills Princeton Student” that involves a young Miller Newton, 18 years old.  He was in the car, but it does not say who was driving or who was at fault.  But it appears that his troubles began early on.

The next article is a ‘Special to The New York Times. Feb 22, 1964. P.6, 1 pg.  The title is “Freedom  Award Going to Glenn: Foundation Will Distribute Annual Honors Today.”  In a HUGE twist of irony this article is reporting that the Freedoms Foundation is giving awards for contributions to the American way of life in 1963. The Freedoms Foundation is issuing Miller Newton’s father (Virgil Miller Newton, Jr., Editor of the Tampa Florida Tribune) one of these awards for showing “resoluteness of personal faith and character, creativeness of mind and sacrifice of heart for the republic.  How can one generation fight for freedom and its offspring work in the complete opposite direction?  This one just about blew my mind.

Then Miller’s Dad’s Obituary appeared in the New York Times on Dec. 14, 1977. P51 (1 pg).  There was a fairly large headline reading, “V.M. Newton, Jr., Former Editor of the Tampa Tribune, Dies at 73.”

As I read about Miller Newton’s Father’s life, I was once again struck by the irony in the direct opposition in what father and son stood for.  This article describes Newton Jr.’s newspaper career which spanned 42 years. It tells how he rose through the ranks from small-time columnist as a student at the University of Florida to the managing editor of the Tampa Tribune, to consultant to the publisher before retiring in 1969. OK, now here is the irony. “Mr. Newton is credited by former Gov. LeRoy Collins as the catalyst for Florida’s “Sunshine” law, which opened all government meetings to the public. He was instrumental in establishing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). We’ve used the FOIA to uncover a lot of the information that was used to take Miller Newton III down.  Mr. Newton, Jr.  died of a heart attack. He only child was a son, V.M. Newton III.
“New Approach to Drug Crisis” was an article that appeared in the New York Times on Dec. 2, 1984 pg. NJ-34, written by none other than Miller Newton himself.  He spews the same old propaganda that he always did in Straight, Inc. then goes on to write about how to choose a program for kids to ensure the best results. His bio states that he is the author of “Not My Kid,” (remember that joke of a book, that was the thesis for his bogus doctorate degree?) and the President of Kids of Bergen County. When I heard that Miller Newton had left Straight, I suspected that he might be attempting to create an “empire” of his very own.  Sure enough this is what he did; only now instead of only claiming to be able to “save the lives of adolescents with drug problems,” he is also claiming to treat eating disorders and other compulsive behavior problems.  Wow, he’s suddenly become the ‘superhero’ for parents; he can fix any child with any problem, and give the kid back to them all shiny,  brand new and finally acting the exact way the parent wants them too.  (Hey, remember that 1970’s movie, “The Stepford Wives”? Well his dystopia, “The Stepford Kids”, because it was really similar to that fictional movie that scared the crap out of me when it was first shown on the television.

Below are the images of the news article clippings I am referring to in this post.

  1. virgil miller newton is sicker then the kids he said had promblems.i got in trouble with drugs and the law my cousin was in kids of north jersey after i heard her stories of that place i choose to go to jail then for treatment.this man needs to go to jail and put him in a cell foreever and throw away the key or i would love to meet this man and give him a piece of my mind and my boot.sick bastard

  2. I knew I was screwed when I saw how Newton had my dad hood-winked. My dad was a Green Beret Master Sergeant. I complied, lied and turned my eye. Made it out in about a year.

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