For Anyone Who Has a Hard Time Believing Straight, Inc. is still Alive and Well. (A story about AARC)

In Brainwashing, Current Events, Institutional Child Abuse, Mel Sembler, Miller Newton, People, programs, Straight, Inc. on February 14, 2009 at 1:52 pm

A great story was done by Gilliam Findlay exposing the AARC program and Dean Vause as the fraud that it is. This is a “MUST-SEE”

I know it’s true, but it’s very difficult to imagine that the program has managed to exist and live on quite lucratively for so long. The SEED/STRAIGHT model is going on its 5th decade of living. Unbelievable.

At least in Canada this makes “Top Headlines.” Maybe there is some hope for the end of the program up there. (keeping my fingers crossed.)

Here is the print article about the the program. Alberta drug rehab centre abused us, former teen patients allege
Executive director calls them ‘liars,’ former patient denies abuses

Here is the full episode which was shown in Canada on television POWERLESS

This aired in Canada last night. (Friday 02/13/09 at 9:00pm)

  1. What a disturbing story.. and so familiar! What can we do to help shut down this place?

  2. AARC is a mirror of the Pathway Family Center programs here in the US. From 4 locations a few months ago, there are only two open now, Indy, and Portage. The WISH TV 8 ITeam investigation here in Indianapolis is continuing, as well as formal complaints with the Indiana Dept Mental Health and the Indiana Atty General office.

    Good people are working very hard behind the scenes here and former clients/parents are stepping up to the plate.

    Never Give Up, EVER!

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