Wesley Fager, Hero to All Who Fight Institutional Child Abuse!

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Wes Fager, A Hero & Friend of FICANetwork. Rest In Peace My Friend.

Wes Fager, A Hero & Friend of FICANetwork. Rest In Peace My Friend.

  1. Wes Fager was/is and always will be a dear friend. He is a real sincere person I will always admire and love. I will miss him very much and love him forever. He is truly an American hero, that made our world a better place.

    Later my friend, RALPH

  2. […] Wesley Fager was always a well thought out man.  He never said anything until he had fact checked it over and over again.  When Wesley spoke you knew it was true.  People commented that he could be “long winded” at times but you had to listen to the entire background of the story he was telling you to understand the point of the story and he wanted you to know he had researched the hell out of every aspect of the story. […]

  3. […] of Wesley Fager this holiday.  Our paper thought this would be a nice way to remember the hero, the father and […]

  4. I now remember Wes and his son Bill, as I was in Straight Inc. in 1989 and stayed with them briefly. I was there for 4 days short of a year. If anone can help me get in touch with “Dylan” that he wrote about, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you Bill for all the hard work you’ve done for us!
    sincerely, Tom Marshall

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