This site will include information mostly about adolescent residential ‘treatment’ programs.

Residential programs as used in this site are defined to included (but are not limited to) Wilderness Programs, Residential Treatment Programs, Specialty Boarding Schools, RTC’s (Residential Treatment Centers), long-term drug treatment programs, adolescent drug treatment programs, boot camps and military schools. This programs also include ‘Christian’ versions of the above types of programs. Often the people who benefit from programs choose to call their program some variation of the above.  These are all key words which should alert you to DO YOUR RESEARCH, prior to deciding whether or not a program is right for your child and family.  These category names change almost daily, so as I learn of variations of the names I will add them to the end of this post.

This ‘Programs’ section of the site will include many of the programs suspected of being negligent, abusive or fraudulent. If there is legitimate proof that a program is not any of those things, we will remove it from the site. When there is proof that a program has been negligent, abusive or fraudulent, that information will be posted here.


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